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Stronghold Digital

Stronghold Digital is a cutting-edge visual effects (VFX) company that is at the forefront of creating immersive and awe-inspiring landscapes, buildings, creatures, and other elements that bring films to life. The company's primary focus is on imagination, creativity, and storytelling, which sets us apart from other VFX companies.

Alongside VFX, we also have editing & grading facilities, sound design, sound mixing, music scoring and a Hollywood standard deliverables lab.


Tools & Technologies

Stronghold Digital's team of digital artists utilizes the latest digital tools and technologies to create stunning visuals that are both realistic and fantastical. This includes creating intricate textures, detailed models, and lifelike animations that transport viewers to a different world.



One of the company's strengths lies in their ability to create entire landscapes and environments from scratch, including mountains, forests, and even entire cities. These environments are designed to be immersive and believable, creating a sense of realism that draws viewers deeper into the film's universe.



Stronghold Digital also has a particular talent for creating creatures and characters that are both unique and memorable. This includes everything from goblins and trolls to mythical creatures like dragons and unicorns. These characters are designed to be both visually stunning and true to the film's overall vision, with a focus on bringing their personalities and characteristics to life on the screen.

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One Vision

However, Stronghold Digital's focus on imagination, creativity, and storytelling goes beyond simply creating stunning visuals. The company also works closely with the film's directors and producers to ensure that the VFX elements they create are in line with the film's overall vision and contribute to the storytelling.

Image by Barbara Zandoval

Why us?

In summary, Stronghold Digital is a VFX company that sets itself apart through its focus on imagination, creativity, and storytelling. The company's ability to create immersive landscapes, unique creatures, and stunning visuals that are in line with the film's vision make them a leader in the VFX industry.


Just imagine...

With an in-house concept art team, we are capable of bringing even the most wild ideas to reality, through a carefully considered and exciting development process, that will make your next movie even more magical. 

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